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My Numberbank

Manage your GS1 numbers, barcodes and product information



My Numberbank is the official GS1 UK database which enables you to assign Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs) and product data in one place. My Numberbank also allows you to create and manage other GS1 numbers, like Global Location Numbers (GLNs) and GTIN-14s. And you can also create barcodes for your products and packaging.

Why use My Numberbank

Creating GTINs in My Numberbank means all your products are registered in a single secure location. It’s important to do this because it means an official, globally recognised record is created – associating you with all your products. This record is used by many of your customers to authenticate the GTIN before making the product available to customers.

What are the features and benefits?

  • Find and allocate product identifier to each of your products
    • Ensures you stay within your licensed GS1 UK Company Prefix capacity
    • Shows you how many GTINs you have assigned and how many you have left
  • Safe and secure product information - capture data against each product identifier in a single place
    • Work more efficiently knowing your product data is automatically organised
    • Avoid creating and using multiple spreadsheets to manage your product information
    • Backs up your product data in a secure, password-protected online
  • Real-time access - access your product identifiers and data anytime, anywhere
    • Allows you to quickly upload and download data in .csv format which you can share with trading partners and online platforms
  • Avoid mistakes - maintain the data integrity of your product identifiers and products online and offline
    • Easily create, manage, and share GTINs and barcodes. My Numberbank automatically incorporates your GS1 Company Prefix and calculates the entire GTIN for you
    • Be confident that GTINs and barcodes you create are properly formatted and follow GS1 standards
    • Protect your brand - provide brand control through your online product data

How can I use My Numberbank?

My Numberbank comes as part of your GS1 UK membership and is accessible via the GS1 UK website. If you are not a member of GS1 UK join now to start using GS1 numbers in My Numberbank.

If you are having problems accessing my Numberbank, please ensure you clear your cache/ cookies on your browser and try again. You can view instructions on how to clear your cache/cookies on our My GS1 is here page. Look under the 'How do I clear my browser cache / cookies?' section.

Login to My Numberbank

Things to remember when performing a bulk upload

How do I do a successful bulk upload?
  • Make sure you keep the formatting of the file exactly as it is. Do not remove rows 1-4.  Adding or removing columns will cause the upload to fail. You can, however, remove rows that contain GTINs you do not want to update or alternatively, download Unused/Used GTINs only. (This will also make the upload go quicker as less information will need to be processed)
  • Product name is a required field, make sure you enter one!
  • The file contains numbers within your number range – stick to it!
  • Existing values (e.g. MPN, link) cannot be set to blank. You will either need to leave the descriptions as they are, update them or delete the entire row if no updates are required (this will also make the upload go quicker as less information will need to be processed)
  • You cannot delete bulk upload data; any blanks will be ignored and existing data will remain.  Enter any value in those fields
  • When entering data, make sure to use the correct columns for each piece of the info
  • Make sure you’re uploading against the correct prefix and the correct number type (GTIN-13s and GLNs are different!). Please ensure you have selected Number Type and Prefix.  (tool tip?)
  • If you get the “prefix doesn’t match” error it means you’re either uploading against the wrong prefix or the numbers within the file have been changed to scientific notation
  • If you have multiple prefixes, you will need to perform separate uploads; different prefixes cannot be mixed in one file
  • Make sure you stay within the character limit for each field:
    • Product name: 256
    • Main brand: 70
      Sub-brand: 70
    • Description: 500
    • Web link: 200
    • MPN: 70
    • SKU: 70

*if you have received an error message about truncation that means you have gone over the limit

I’m trying to download my numbers, how long do I need to wait?

Depending on the prefix size and the amount of information in your file it can take up to 15 min. You will receive an email with a download link that you can either click or copy-paste.

What is the file format?

All downloaded files are saved in a .csv format can only be saved once. If you save a .csv more than once, the format of the GTINs will get changed to scientific notation or be rounded up/down. If this happens you will need to download the file again to fix the issue.

What characters are supported?

!£$€%^&*()_-+={}[]@~#<>?/\®™¼½¾ àáâãäåæçćḉĉčċc̄èéêëìíîïnñoðòóôõöøsšùúûüýzžþ¿¡«»ÿß|,.:;¿¡ and all alphanumeric characters (anything not listed, isn't supported)

How long will it take?

Uploads are not performed immediately; they will go into a queue where the file will have to wait its turn (max 72h but actually much quicker). Depending on how many users are performing an upload and how much information your file contain the upload time may vary. You will receive an email once the upload has been completed. If you haven’t received the email within 72h – check your junk/spam folders.  For this reason it is best to login with your own email address.  If you are logged in as Admin, you can add further contacts in Manage Contacts section, otherwise speak to your Admin.

What if I’m using a Mac?

If you’re using a Mac, you will only be able to upload the file if you have MS Office installed. Apple do not support .csv file format out of the box.

Who can perform an upload?

Any contact on the account that has a product or admin role assigned to them.