Help to use and implement GS1 standards

Discover all you need to know to help use our GS1 standards for your business.

Barcoding basics

Get the fundamentals right on creating the right GS1 barcodes.

Barcoding getting it right

Discover how to achieve accurate barcodes, every time.

Calculate your check digit

The all-important check digit ensures our numbers are correct.

Barcode variable measure items

Products that don’t have a fixed price need a different barcode.

Barcodes for your cases

See the options available when choosing barcodes for your cases.

Create and use global location numbers

Identify all your locations, including legal, physical and functional locations.

EDI guidance for new users

Gain an understanding of what EDI is about and how it can help you trade with your customers or suppliers.

EDI guidance the bigger picture

Read our guide to understand EDI beyond basic orders and invoices.

Logistic labels and SSCC's

Discover how to create logistics labels and Serial Shipping Container Codes (SSCCs)

Improve barcode image quality

Improve the quality of barcode images on your packaging, products and cases.

Manage your GTINs properly

See the necessary steps to avoid common mistakes made in GTIN management.

Measure your products correctly

Follow the steps you need to take, to ensure your products are measured properly and consistently in a standardised way.

Still have questions?

Get in contact with our support team, if you have more questions about implementing GS1 standards, they will be happy to help.