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About us

Retail, online, foodservice or health? Global GS1 standards make it faster, cheaper and safer for you to serve your customers

In fact, by using our unique numbers to identify, capture and share information on any product, asset or location, our barcodes and innovative supporting technologies can make your life a whole lot simpler too.

Making business more efficient for you and the wider community

Think of our standards as the DNA of the supply chain. They enable a complete, real-time inventory picture covering all product, transactional and location data.



Use GS1 Identification Keys to help you uniquely identify everything from products and services to locations and shipments.




Use our industry-standard barcodes or RFID tags to encode identification numbers and additional data like expiry dates, batch numbers, quantities and so much more.




Our communication standards allow product information to flow seamlessly through the supply chain, from the point of production through to the end customer or patient.