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Our nominated charity

Tourettes Action

Our charity partner is put forward and selected by our colleagues.

GS1 UK is proud to support our charity partner, Tourettes Action.

Tourettes Action works in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and is the leading support and research charity for people with Tourette Syndrome (TS) and their families. We want people with TS to receive the practical support and social acceptance they need to help them live their lives to the full.

We rely entirely on the support of people like you. We receive no support from government, so fundraising by our supporters is essential for our work with people living with Tourette Syndrome.

About Tourette's Syndrome

Tourette Syndrome is an inherited, neurological condition, the key features of which are tics, involuntary and uncontrollable sounds and movements. TS is a complex condition and a large number of people with the condition will also experience co-occurring features and conditions.

How are GS1 UK involved?

We’ll be taking part in a number of fundraising activities and events, so keep an eye out on this page, and ways you can be a part of it all. To donate to Tourettes Action, visit our dedicated fundraising page below.