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Verify your data against GS1's global database of GTINs.

The GTIN Check API service provides our members with direct access to GS1’s Global registry of Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs) – giving them increased confidence that their linked product data is based on valid GTINs.

GTINs are the base identifier used on all products across the world in stores and digitally on marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay. They are also used in healthcare to identify and track products and people, quickly and securely through trusts. 

The API GTIN Check allows GS1 UK members the opportunity to verify that the GTINs they are using in their systems are valid and licensed from a GS1 member organisation. 


Real-time verification

Real-time verification across marketplaces and ecommerce sites to show listed products have valid GS1 GTINs. 


Data governance/accurate product catalogues

Cleansing existing product databases to ensure that listed products have valid GS1 GTINs. 



Supporting compliance of business processes such as the NHS mandate for use of GTINs.



If the identity of the product associated with a GTIN is in doubt or unknown, then where a corresponding product record of the GTIN exists in our global database, a simple product record can be shared with the end user.

How does GTIN Check work?

The API provides users with the information they need to manage and improve the quality of product data they use in their businesses. 


In supplying the API with a GTIN for verification, the user will receive a response that informs them of the following: 

  1. Whether the GTIN has the correct integrity; that is, it is the right length, in the correct format, and with the correct syntactical makeup. 

  1. Whether the GTIN’s GS1 Company Prefix (GCP) value exists and is assigned to a valid GS1 member. 

  1. Check validated GTINs via the GS1 Global Product Registry for any product data held for that GTIN – if there is a GTIN match then can we share this additional product information. 

If the API generates a failed response the user will also receive a reason code and a corresponding supporting message advising the user on their next course of action.

How can I access GTIN Check API?

The API allows thousands of GTIN values to be sent and tested in real-time - the interface uses standard web API principles: 

  1. A POST request interface over secure web HTTPS 

  1. Data values accepted in JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) format 

  1. A response also in JSON format 

In order to provide security and controlled access, only members who have been provided with an appropriate ‘key’ may access the service at this time. 

The API is available to be used by our GS1 UK partner community. If you are a partner and are interested in having access to GTIN Check please  get in touch.