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Redemption Brewery

Redemption Brewing Company

"Just like our beer, it’s the attention to detail that makes GS1 UK great."

At GS1 UK, our members see the benefits of working with us every day.

As Andy Moffat, Head Brewer at Redemption Brewing Company puts it: “Just like our beer, it’s the attention to detail that makes GS1 UK great.”

Redemption was one of the first in the new wave of London micro-breweries. They produce a range of authentic craft beers, supplying everyone from local pubs to international retailers. Micro-brewery they may be, but Redemption has big ambitions.

And that’s why they work with GS1 UK.

Andy’s first major customer asked Redemption to become a GS1 UK member. Because our TrueSource data pool ensures that Redemption’s customers have easy access to accurate and up-to-date information, like a beer’s name, description, weight and dimensions. This means they can be confident about the products they’re ordering. Which makes Andy’s orders and deliveries quicker, more simple and much less stressful.

Redemption also produces its beer in bottled form, which has proven very popular. And because Redemption places unique GS1 numbers and barcodes on its bottles and outer packaging, Andy and his customers can keep track of just how popular it is. They can see which beers are selling well, then produce more when levels are running low. 

They’ve worked hard for domestic success, but Redemption has always had international ambitions. And GS1 standards have been Redemption Beer’s passport to success. Because our numbers and barcodes are globally unique, Redemption doesn’t have to alter their inner or outer packaging, even when they’re exporting. Which means every bottle enjoys a smooth ride, throughout international supply chains.

Not to mention the added confidence that GS1 standards give Andy’s customers – at home and abroad.

Redemption Brewery is on a journey. And we’re helping them every step of the way. With standards, services, support and more. Or as our members see them, the brilliant things between the lines.

Read the interview in full (PDF) and see how other members benefit from GS1 standards.

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