Woman scanning a QR code on a packaged good.

QR codes powered by GS1

Connecting your products to a digital world
through a simple smartphone scan.

Brands can now speak directly to consumers through a single, smarter barcode on their packaging, providing instant access to trusted information, content and richer personalised experiences.

Using a QR code powered by GS1 with our Digital Link standard enables you to connect your product’s unique identity to multiple online sources of enriched, real-time content. You retain full control, can tailor your online sources to a specific product, and can update or publish new content without having to alter the packaging of your products.

This means that GS1 identifiers, such as the Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) can now act as a gateway to dynamic digital content that can boost revenue, strengthen brand loyalty, improve supply chain traceability information and drive sustainability agendas.

Through a simple smartphone scan, your customers can instantly access valuable information on:


As a GS1 UK member, already using GS1 barcodes, each of your products will have its own unique GTIN. This means you're already on your way to harnessing the benefits of QR codes powered by GS1.

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Improved experiences

Engage, excite and drive loyalty among your consumers with enhanced content and experiences.

Inform and protect icon

Inform and protect

Ensure consumers are kept safe and well informed by providing them with instant access to the information they need to make the right decision.

Enhance your brand icon

Enhance your brand

Through dynamic and personalised consumer journeys and brand experiences.

Optimise your packaging icon

Optimise your packaging

Decrease the complexity – and cost – of providing multiple labels or codes on your products.

Adapt and prepare icon

Adapt and prepare

Comply with, and adapt to, changing legislative requirements by instantly directing consumers to real-time content.

Ensure efficiency icon

Ensure efficiency

Future-proof your packaging by storing vital data for supply chain and point-of-sale scanning and supporting price changes.

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As a GS1 UK member, already using GTINs on your products, this standard is available for you to easily implement on your products.

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