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Scan smarter with QR codes powered by GS1

Experience the power of the next generation
of barcodes.

In today’s digital age the demand for transparency and detailed product information is at an all-time high.

Consumers, brands, retailers and even regulators are all seeking better ways to access this information. QR codes powered by GS1 bridge this gap, empowering you to deliver rich data and connect with your audience on a deeper level. 

These smart, next generation barcodes connect your product’s unique identity, Global Trade Item Number (GTIN), to a wealth of real-time online content. Beyond this, QR codes powered by GS1 can be packed with crucial details like use-by dates, batch numbers and more to improve supply chain transparency. 

Through a simple scan, your customers can instantly access valuable information and you can too:

QR code powered by GS1
QR codes powered by GS1 webinar series

QR codes powered by GS1 webinar series

Find out how the next generation of barcodes are shaping the future of retail and how your business can benefit.

Advantages of QR codes powered by GS1

As a GS1 UK member, already using GS1 barcodes, each of your products will have its own unique GTIN. This means you're already on your way to harnessing their enhanced capabilities.

Inventory management

Inventory management

Get better inventory management, less administration, increased availability, strengthen the 'first in, first out' process and achieve less food waste.



Take care of your brand, discourage the sale of expired or recalled products and stop counterfeit products.

Engaged consumers

Engaged consumers

Provide easy access to product information, promotions, recipes and increase brand engagement.

Improved packaging

Improved packaging

Better space marketing on packaging, prepared for future legislation and improved consumer experience.



Check authenticity of products, information on ingredients and origin, increase consumer confidence and transparency in the flow of goods.



Get information on recycling, contribute to circular economy, reduce food waste via automatic price reduction on products.


Consumers demand more information about the products they’re purchasing, regulators require the disclosure of more information, and there’s an ongoing need to more effectively track and trace products through the supply chain. We can resolve this with 2D barcodes with GS1 standards inside — a single barcode that has the power to provide all the information consumers need and desire, improve traceability through the supply chain, and scans at checkout."

Jon R. Moeller

Chairman of the board, president and chief executive officer, Procter & Gamble

One smarter barcode, many possibilities


QR codes powered by GS1 unlock a world of benefits for businesses looking to strengthen their supply chain and build trust with consumers.

Bridging the physical and digital: QR codes powered by GS1 on packaging, seamlessly connect consumers to a digital world. With a quick scan they can access a wealth of information, recipes, videos or even loyalty programmes – all directly from the product they hold. 

Traceability and trust: QR codes powered by GS1 use GS1 standards to ensure a single source of reliable, interoperable data throughout the supply chain allowing businesses to: 

  • Track products: Know exactly where a product is at any given time, enhancing traceability and product recalls if necessary 
  • Optimise inventory: Real-time data leads to better forecasting, reducing overstocking and food waste 
  • Faster fulfilment: Accurate data streamlines order picking and delivery, ensuring customers get the right items quickly 
  • Simplified, connected packaging: A single QR code can hold all the necessary information, eliminating the need for multiple barcodes 
  • Smarter data storage: QR codes powered by GS1 can hold more detailed information, like batch numbers and expiry dates, for improved quality control

QR codes powered by GS1 offer a powerful way to safeguard consumers and strengthen your brand.

Scan with confidence: GS1 standards ensure the QR code links directly to the product’s legitimate information. Simply scan to verify authenticity and lifecycle data, combating counterfeiting and protecting consumers from harmful limitations. 

Know your allergies: Embedded with dynamic data, QR codes powered by GS1 can link to up-to-date allergen information. This empowers those with allergies and dietary restrictions to make informed decisions quickly and easily. 

Stay informed: Regulations and information requirements can evolve. QR codes powered by GS1 can be updated in real time to reflect these changes, ensuring you comply with regulations and consumers have access to the most accurate product information. 

Future-proof your packaging: QR codes powered by GS1 are becoming the global standard. By adopting them now, you’re preparing for a smooth transition to the future.


QR codes powered by GS1 go beyond just a quick scan. They unlock a world of inspiration and information for your customers, fostering deeper brand loyalty and positive change.

Unlock product knowledge: A single scan grants access to a wealth of information, including usage instructions, nutritional values and even the products journey from source to shelf. 

Sustainable decisions: Showcase your brand’s commitment to the environment. QR codes can provide details on eco-friendly practices and guide consumers towards making sustainable purchasing decisions. 

Inclusive packaging: For people who are blind or partially sighted, QR codes can be a game-changer. By scanning, they can access crucial information like expiry dates and usage instructions independently. Plus people can access product information in different languages.

Recycling made easy: QR codes powered by GS1 can provide up-to-date recycling information, simplifying waste management for everyone. 

First-party advantage: QR codes powered by GS1 scans generate valuable real-time data on consumer behaviour. Leverage this data to make informed decisions about product development, marketing campaigns and overall customer experience.

QR codes powered by GS1 in action

QR codes powered by GS1 in action

See how GS1 members from across the world and the UK are using QR codes powered by GS1 to transform the way they connect with consumers, drive sustainability, boost efficiency and adapt to legislation.

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