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Selling online

Advice from GS1 UK partners

We've been working closely with industry experts to bring you practical tips and advice to help you grow your business, in the UK and beyond. Check out some of the videos and podcasts below:

Online Seller UK podcast | Purchasing vs renting EANs

European Article Numbers (EANs) allow marketplaces and search engines to structure the product data so that they can improve customer experience. They are the critical elements behind product reviews on Amazon, which buyers often use to make the purchase decision.

There is often confusion around where we should get these EANs and whether we purchase or rent EANs. So, in this podcast, GS1 UK's Lorna Leaver explains how EANs work and a bit more.

Key things you will learn:

  • EAN and UPC, what is the difference?
  • How to avoid Fake EANs?
  • Why do some UPCs not work with the brand registry?
  • New offer from GS1 for a smaller range
  • Issues with using a 3rd party number
Image of Lorna Leaver

Keep Optimising podcast | Marketplaces: FIVE things you must get right for a successful launch

Every Wednesday the Keep Optimising podcast brings you a masterclass on an essential e-commerce marketing method. During this episode, GS1 UK's Lorna Leaver shares her five tips you must get right before selling on marketplaces.