By cancelling your membership with us you will lose ownership of your GTINs and will be unable to use them with your trading partners. You will also lose all the benefits of being a GS1 UK member. 

Global trade

Retailers all over the world require their suppliers to be GS1 members to uniquely identify and barcode their products. 


You may lose your ability to list your products on the world's most popular marketplace. 


As mentioned by Google Merchant Center Help and Google Search Central,  GS1 barcodes help to ensure users can find your products easily.


GS1 barcodes are instrumental in meeting the requirements for a significant number of global regulations across sectors including retail, healthcare and construction. 


GS1 is the only place to get authentic, authorised barcodes that relate to your organisation and that can be searchable on the global registry 


Our free first-class support is there to ensure you get the best membership experience by phone and online. 

Handy tools

You’ll miss out on our unique portal to help manage your numbers and generate barcodes online. 


Discover GS1 UK partners who can support you on your business goals, objectives and the correct use of GS1 standards. 

How to resign from your GS1 UK membership

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