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The GS1 UK Healthcare Conference returns to debate the evolution of Scan4Safety

London, 22 February 2022 – The GS1 UK Healthcare Conference returns on 17–18 March 2022, at the QEII Centre, London.

GS1 UK’s first live event since the publication of the 2020 Scan4Safety evidence report will build on the key themes of patient safety and digital transformation, examining the significant potential of GS1 standards in shaping national and international healthcare landscapes.

The biggest GS1 UK Healthcare Conference to date will feature more than 70 speakers across three stages. Attendees will hear directly from Trusts that have embarked on GS1 standards adoption journeys, discover how their own organisations can get started, and engage with those leading the charge in implementing Scan4Safety.

During this pivotal time for healthcare, the need for greater traceability and transparency has become ever more evident. The plenary stage will be opened by Baroness Julia Cumberlege, who will examine the progress made by The Independent Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Review (IMMDSR) and how the adoption of GS1 standards is improving efficiencies and preventing unnecessary patient harm.

The full conference agenda will see a variety of expert speakers, including NHS Digital’s programme lead for MDIS Emma Summers, gather to discuss the fundamental message – effective traceability improves patient safety.

There will be unique opportunities to understand how standards-based solutions can be pragmatically achieved in clinical settings followed by networking events each evening, offering the chance to connect with colleagues, partners and solution providers.

Glen Hodgson, GS1 UK head of healthcare, said: “In the years since the publication of the Scan4Safety report we have seen exceptional progress implementing the programme, first in England and now across Wales and Scotland. Our conference will bring these case studies to life and inspire others with the art of the possible. We believe the conference will act as a catalyst to help the trusts build resilience for the future and look forward to seeing the impact in the coming months and years.”

Also in attendance will be our sponsors, partners, industry organisations and membership bodies who are instrumental in powering the successful implementation of GS1 standards in healthcare.

Alongside platinum sponsor Ingenica Solutions Ltd, headline sponsors include Deloitte, DHL, Genesis, GHX Automation, Omnicell, PDC Healthcare, and Scandit, whose commitment to supporting the sector continues to drive patient safety benefits both in the UK and overseas.

The event is supported by the key industry trade association, Health Care Supply Association and media partner, Health Business Magazine.

To find out more about the conference and to register, visit the GS1 UK Healthcare Conference website.

About GS1 UK

GS1 UK is one of 116 neutral and independent GS1 organisations operating worldwide. Whether online, in store or in a hospital, the common language of GS1 standards is helping our community of more than 57,000 organisations to uniquely identify, describe and track anything, creating greater trust in data for everyone.

Our standards have the power to deliver change now and in the future by driving efficiency in the supply chain, and transparency in the wider society, through initiatives such as patient safety programmes and deposit return schemes.

From product barcodes to patient wristbands, we harness the power of GS1 standards to transform the way people work and live.