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EDI Plus Ltd


EDI plus is a fully managed EDI provider based in the UK and hosted in the cloud.

We are a market leader in EDI services, B2B collaboration, systems integration and value added intelligent applications. 


EDI Plus Limited is an EDI Service Provider based in the UK offering numerous Fully Managed Data Interchange Services hosted in the cloud.


We are expert in all aspects of EDI services, including B2B collaboration, point-to-point transactional exchange, systems integration, Web Portal methodologies and value added intelligent applications. In accordance with the Department of Health’s Scan4Safety initiative, we are accredited PEPPOL Access Point Providers, enabling NHS Trusts, CCGs, etc., Healthcare Suppliers and NHS Trading Partners to exchange information through the PEPPOL Network in line with the DoH recommendations.


We are well-versed in managing ‘standard’ trading documents (Purchase Orders, Acknowledgements, Advanced Shipping Notes, Invoices, Credit Notes, etc) as well as being able to process sector-specific transactions such as Shipping Manifests for Logistics clients.

We are able to exchange information using traditional EDI formats and methodologies…

(Tradacoms, EDIFact, EANCOM, VAR)

…other prescribed methodologies…

(CSV, XML (including GS1 XML), BIS (used by the PEPPOL Network), iDocs)

...and fully bespoke formats appropriate to the specific needs of our clients.

As well as recommending ‘best-of-breed’ communications protocols, we are able to integrate with any specific protocols used by our clients including AS2, AS4, FTP and SFTP.

We provide Services to clients in a range of business sectors, including:

  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing and distribution
  • Retail and wholesale
  • Hospitality
  • Utilities

We work with our clients to achieve effective integration with not only those trading partners who capable of document exchange using traditional EDI, but also with those clients and their trading partners who are not able to adopt this approach. This includes fully bespoke data exchange processes and the provision of Web Portals that can be branded to our clients’ specific needs.


Our clients are therefore able to achieve the widest possible coverage for electronic data interchange and with the maximum flexibility. As a standard part of our service we are able to deal directly with all nominated trading partners, so that our clients do not need to buy in the necessary specialised skills that are required for effective high quality integrations.


In short, EDI PLUS is a secure, scalable and flexible service, supporting a wide variety of data translations and communication protocols between trading partners, which will work with existing or new communication methods and data formats, and which results in a very cost-effective and business-optimising EDI Service. Our two mantras are ‘any to any’ and ‘many to many’.

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