The steps below will show you how to allocate GTINs to your products.


Log in to My Numberbank as an Administrator or as a Member with GTIN allocation permissions.


Select your GTIN from the list. For most of our members, this will be GTIN-13.


After selecting your Number type, choose your GS1 Company Prefix (GCP). Here, you’ll see a list of all the prefixes from which you can create your chosen number type.

For lots of companies, particularly our newer members, there may only be one prefix available. If you have several prefixes, make sure you select the right one.


After making your selection, click on to Go to My Numberbank and a list of your numbers will appear.

Each of your product lines requires a new GTIN. We recommend that you work your way through your numbers sequentially, allocating the next GTIN in your list to each new product you need to identify.


To add individual products, simply click on the GTIN itself. You’ll then see a pop-out window in which you can populate essential information about your product.


After completing the form, click Save.

Once you’ve saved your product, you’ll see that the number status has gone green and changed to Active. If for any reason you discontinue this product line in future, you should come back and change this status io Inactive.

  • Aim to complete all fields. This will give the allocated product a Complete status.
  • If you’re not sure what’s required, throughout the Numberbank you’ll see blue question marks which will provide you with some useful information.
  • If you’re approaching the end of your numbers, you can use the License more numbers feature to apply and be assigned a new batch of numbers.

The product name should be meaningful for retailers and marketplaces to manage the product through their business and should also describe the product to customers. It’s the info you might see on a shelf edge label in store or as the title of an online listing.

It should be made up of a combination of elements such as the brand, sub brand, functional name and net content.


It is important that you should never reuse any GTINs that you’ve previously allocated to other products, unless they have not previously been shared outside your business.