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Mastering TikTok content with Nonsensical

Mastering TikTok content with Nonsensical

Thursday 15 August 2024

11:00 AM to 12:00 PM


About the webinar

The team at Nonsensical have produced countless viral hits, have grown their own TikTok communities to over 1 million followers collectively, and use those learnings to help brands grow on the platform. In this on hour webinar they'll be sharing their top tips and tricks in the following areas.


Creativity and affiliates matters most: The focus should be on crafting content that tells a story or entertains users rather than pushing a hard sell. Collaborate with affiliates that align and engage with your target audience on a personal level.

Offer exclusive discounts: Entice users to make a purchase by offering them exclusive discounts or promotions through TikTok Shop.

TikTok Shop LIVEs: Brands interacting with their audience in real-time is an effective way to build relationships with the opportunity to share unique links to products, exclusive discounts and product demonstrations.

Maximising efforts during the holiday season: Holidays are big on TikTok. Brands have the opportunity to capitalise on the biggest shopping period of the year, regardless of how recently they have joined the platform.


About Nonensical

We’re an award winning TikTok agency that live and breathe the world of TikTok. Based in the UK, we have access to the best TikTok talent across the globe.

We’ve grown our own clients and communities to over 2 million followers and have hit 600 million video views in the last 12 months and generated millions in revenue from TikTok ads.