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Dakota Integrated Solutions


Dakota delivers mobile point of care computing and printing solutions into primary and secondary NHS environments. Aimed at reducing clinician administration time, improving care and providing the patient with a better experience, our expertise spans across a broad range of healthcare applications including printing solutions, wristbands and positive patient identification, mobile printing etc.


Dakota Integrated Solutions is well versed in the provision and deployment of data capture projects and solutions across a diverse range of environments. Key vertical markets would include healthcare, manufacturing, warehouse and logistics and mobile workforce.

Our expertise covers a broad area of auto ID data capture products and barcoding solutions from mobile data terminals to thermal printers, support contracts and remote device management to consumables like labels and ribbon.

Expertise would also extend to integration with business systems such as ERP, WMS, and hospital PAS systems.

Within the healthcare space Dakota IS has provided significant input for many trusts in the deployment of barcoding solutions being major advocates in the use of the GS1 2D DataMatrix standard for numerous projects. Projects within the NHS incorporate positive patient identification/safety, bedside order communications, specimen labelling and the marking/tracking of surgical instruments for over 80 trusts.

Specifically, the marking & tracking of surgical instruments within NHS/Healthcare environments is becoming an increasing issue for many settings where surgical procedures take place in their drive to provide a complete audit in the life of instruments used in these procedures.

Additionally our integration expertise extends to the provision of truly mobile applications for field based operatives.

We specialise in fit-for-purpose solutions designed to improve efficient communication between medical professionals.

Our solutions typically include:

  • hardware recommendations
  • software integration with existing hospital systems
  • post sales training and support

Our expertise spans across a broad range of healthcare applications including:

  • printing solutions
  • wristbands and positive patient identification
  • mobile printing at the bedside
  • blood specimen labelling
  • pathology sample labelling
  • asset labelling
  • prescription labelling
  • Mobile Point of Care
  • RFID
  • Asset Management
  • Barcode Scanning

As a real differentiator over many of our competitors is our ability to integrated wiht a multitude of hospital systems such as:

  • PAS
  • A&E
  • Maternity
  • theatre areas and blood tracking systems

via our GS1 fully certified PASidMED platform.

Product Information

Approved product


eTrakLogic is a cost effective and fully scalable solution which allows users to accurately track anything in transit. This includes anything from specimen and blood samples to assets or pharmaceuticals.

eTrakLogic can also be used to monitor the patient transport service.