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KM Soft Ltd

KMsoft is a family run software house, specialising in inventory management and production monitoring systems. We have over 40 years of experience developing and implementing barcoding and RFID solutions utilising mobile computing and offer a range of packaged products, all of which can be tailored to the requirements of a specific installation.



Inventory Management or Stock Control is a key feature in any modern environment where goods of any nature are manufactured, stored, moved or consumed.

Standardisation of labelling and item identification is becoming of great importance. A worldwide standard means that items can be easily identified throughout their entire life no matter where the item is or who is in possession of it.

GS1 is rapidly becoming the standard method of identification and industries and health care organisations are becoming committed to using this standard.

As a small example, the scanning of a barcode may immediately identify the manufacturer, the unique product, the quantity, the date of production, the expiry date, the batch number etc. Many other items of data relevant to that product can be identified in this way.

Health Care and Food Industries

Many of the features of GS1 are of particular relevance to health care or food distribution for example.

StockAssist is KMsoft's new GS1 compliant inventory management system. While being GS1 compliant the system is fully functional with non-compliant systems thereby providing a future proof way forward.

StockAssist recognises all of the GS1 compliance features and these features are processed and monitored throughout.

The system can be either cloud hosted on our dedicated servers, or can be installed on the customer’s local network server.

StockAssist comprises a web interface allowing product and stock information to be reviewed and updated from a web browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari allowing any networked computer access to the system.

For recording the actual movement of items in a warehouse, stores, distribution area or hospital etc. an industrial PDA is used. The PDA functions with either Windows Mobile or Android operating systems.

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  • Patient safety
  • Inventory management
  • Procurement efficiency
  • Barcode creation software
  • Barcode labels