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Webinar: Solutions to Your Biggest eCommerce Challenges

Date: October 26, 2017

Category: Industry news

GS1 UK have partnered with World First in an exclusive series of webinars focusing on the key ecommerce challenges for SMEs.

This second webinar of the series, looks at product identifiers, global trade item numbers (GTINs) and product data. The webinar concludes with tips on developing brand strategies for new international markets.

Lorna Beament, Engagement Manager at GS1 UK, shares her expertise on GTINs - why you need these and when you need to start thinking about them. For many businesses starting out, this area can feel daunting, and Lorna covers the whole process in a clear and concise way. Product data is also vitally important for developing your ecommerce strategy and Lorna explains how GS1 can help here. Listen to the webinar to learn about:

  • GTINs - what they enable and when you need to use these
  • 7 basic attributes of product data and why you need to be thinking about your data
  • The value of using structured data for you and your customers
  • The future and screenless ecommerce

Jenni Day, Head of Marketing at We are Pentagon, talks in the second part of the webinar about creating a successful brand strategy in new international markets. She provides a 12 point checklist to tackle this and gives some valuable advice, particularly about trading in China. She talks through:

  • Developing successful brand strategies in new markets
  • How to select the right online channels for your brand
  • Understanding the local customer
  • Tapping into promotional tools

You can watch the whole webinar here.

And you can also register for the final webinar in the series, on 2 November 2017.


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