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Scan4Safety programme

Six demonstrator sites were awarded a share of £12m by the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) to demonstrate the benefits of GS1 and PEPPOL standards


The Scan4Safety programme was originally run by six chosen demonstrator sites:

  • Derby Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
  • Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust
  • North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust
  • Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust
  • Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust
  • Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust

The programme was announced by the DHSC with the aim of implementing electronic procurement systems to help deliver up to £800 million in efficiency savings. The supply chains for hospitals would also be made simpler, helping to reduce the estimated £150m the NHS wastes each year on products which have been either oversupplied or perished.

The two-year programme has now successfully reached completion with each one of the trusts having demonstrated the benefits, as well as challenges, they encountered from using GS1 standards. Published on 15 July 2020, the Scan4Safety evidence report, includes results of significant efficiencies and cost savings, reduced errors and improved patient outcomes and patient safety.