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The Cumberlege Review two years on – where are we now?

Two years on from Baroness Julia Cumberlege's Independent Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Review, what improvements have been made to improve patient safety?

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Understanding the HFSS location requirements: are you in scope?

New Regulations on the placement of foods high in fat, salt and sugar (HFSS) will come into force on 1 October 2022.

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eCommerce in South East Asia part 2

Discover top tips for business compliance and cross-border logistics from our recent webinar with GTM Global.

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eCommerce in South East Asia: part 1

In our recent webinar with GTM Global, a panel of exporting experts shared valuable insights for expanding into the lucrative markets of South East Asia.

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Interoperability success starts with standards

In response to the draft Standards and Interoperability Strategy, GS1 UK's head of healthcare, Glen Hodgson, shares a short review of where GS1 standards align.

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Resources and Waste Strategy Conference round-up

Speakers from across the industry spoke on the impact that DRS will have on businesses.

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Creating a more prosperous food sector: the National Food Strategy

On 13 June the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) published its long-awaited Food Strategy, setting out a plan to “transform our food system and ensure it is fit for the future.”


Going global with online marketplaces

The impressive growth of Fruugo, an online marketplace that connects brands and consumers from all over the world, highlights the huge overseas opportunities that marketplaces can offer to online sellers.

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Saving time, money, and lives

GS1 UK partner, Genesis Automation, explores how implementing complete traceability in healthcare enhances patient safety and adds measurable value.

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Constructing the digital future

Digitisation and traceability of building material from design to deconstruction can be available to all stakeholders, but the success of both requires a focus on identification and data.

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