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Ntsama: bringing a brand to life with GS1 powered QR codes

How GS1 UK and Orca Scan helped an emerging food brand with a story to tell provide innovative customer experiences and build brand loyalty. 

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More than 95% of medical devices use GS1 GTINs

An analysis of 2,400+ medical devices show that more than 95% of medical devices use GS1 GTINs as the primary unique device identifier.

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Unlock cross-border trading and legislation challenges with GS1 powered QR codes

In our latest webinar, we explored how GS1 powered QR codes can help brands meet increasingly complex legislative wherever they trade.


Government's 2023 mandate to NHS England calls for all trusts to adopt barcode scanning by 2024

To digitally transform the NHS and ensure its long-term sustainability, the government has mandated that all trusts across England should adopt barcode scanning of high-risk medical devices by March 2024.

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Our ultimate guide on how to get listed at Whole Foods Market

Top tips from a recent event with our community partner, Bread & Jam on how to get noticed by a Whole Foods Market buyer.


GS1 UK shortlisted for five Memcom excellence awards

GS1 UK has been shortlisted in five categories of the Memcom Excellence Awards, which celebrate innovation and creativity in UK Trade Associations and Professional Membership Organisations.

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Why has Scotland’s DRS been delayed until 2025 and what happens next?

After much confusion and controversy, circular economy minister Lorna Slater recently confirmed that Scotland's DRS won’t be implemented until October 2025.

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How can the NHS leverage data to improve patient care?

In a webinar in association with HSJ, a panel of experts debated how access to better data might help to overcome patient safety challenges.

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Spain, Portugal, Poland and Germany set to introduce new recycling labelling requirements

New labelling requirements are gradually being introduced across the EU and UK businesses selling in the affected countries must ensure their packaging is compliant.

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The history of the barcode

From lines in the sand to powering global commerce – how the humble barcode came to shape the modern world.

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