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Between the lines

See how we support our members and help them grow their businesses

At GS1 UK, we work hard to have a positive impact on every single one of our members, whoever they are and whatever the size of their business. That’s why we’ve invited our members to tell us how working with us is making a difference to them.

Between the lines

Redemption Brewing Company

How GS1 standards help Andy’s beer ride into new frontiers

Mammy Jamia

Mammy Jamia's

How our support helped Mammy Jamia’s spread into new markets

Between the lines

NHS South of England Procurement Services

How GS1 standards help the NHS save time, money and lives

Between the lines

CSM Bakery Solutions

The story of CSM Bakery Solutions and how GS1 standards keep their supply chain running

Between the lines

Oaklands Farm Eggs

The story of Oaklands Farm Eggs and how GS1 global standards keep their eggs in check