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Barcoding: Getting it right

gs1_uk_barcoding_getting_it_right_img Ever wondered what the ideal barcode looks like? Look no further…

The accuracy of barcodes remains fundamentally important because when a barcode fails to scan it adds cost to the trading process. At best data has to be keyed in manually, and at worst customers may reject a complete consignment of goods, resulting in lost sales and possible financial penalties. 

It has been estimated that the cost of poor barcode quality in the UK is somewhere between £500 million and £1 billion pounds per year.

This guide explains clearly how to achieve accurate barcodes that will scan the first time, every time.

What’s in it?

Basically, all you need to know about barcodes. There are chapters on:

  • What barcodes do
  • Number allocation
  • The ideal barcode
  • Choosing the correct barcode
  • Barcodes on consumer units
  • Barcodes on traded units
  • Pallet labels
  • The verification process

You’ll also find common problems to avoid and a summary of best practice recommendations.  Take a look and learn all you’ve ever wanted to about barcodes.

Barcoding: getting it right - Recommendations for best practice by GS1 UK (PDF)

Still confused?

We hope not. But if you are, contact us and we can help. Or book on to one of our training courses.