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The rise of the digital

The rise of UK’s digital entrepreneurs: harnessing the power of online marketplaces

Over the past year we’ve seen a rapid rise in companies using GS1 product identifiers to trade on online marketplaces. Our new report looks at the reasons why

Nearly 10,000 of our members use platforms such as Amazon and eBay to sell their products – and this number is rising rapidly. We wanted to understand what’s driving this trend and how SMEs in particular trade, whether it’s internationally, through multiple marketplaces and if these marketplaces are their primary sales channel.

Results from our research confirmed that a diverse range of businesses are using online marketplaces today. From SMEs to high street brands, they vary in size, are driven by different motivations and face unique challenges. But these digital entrepreneurs all share a common desire for growth and to improve their business prospects using online marketplaces.

Uncovering the six personalities

We identified six distinct business personalities, which describe how they operate and how much they rely on online marketplaces.

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Meet the Member

Meet the member

Our members share their business stories - how they started and their plans for the future

The different types of online sellers

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The different types of online sellers

Learn more about the different characteristics of online sellers

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