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Seller Sessions Corner – November 2019

Date: November 28, 2019

Category: Industry news

This month, the Seller Sessions blog explores big dreams and even bigger hearts in Amazon

Danny McMillian

As as the new year approaches, everyone is looking forward to new beginnings. But before we go onto that, lets give you a run down of October's accomplishments.

We started October with Linnworks. It was an honour to be sharing insights with Anthony Webster, Jim Mann and Shane Oglow, as we discussed everything from suspensions and black hat practices, to ranking in the holiday season. Tackling suspension is a must and every seller should know how to handle it. Never say, “oh that won't happen to me”. 

With the proliferation of black hats and underhanded techniques, it is vital for every seller to know how to protect themselves. This starts with a clear understanding of what the terms of service are and the recent changes that have been implemented by Amazon.

We also had the opportunity to speak with Brandon Hendrix, vice president of marketing at, on how they acquire Amazon FBA businesses, how they boost brands and their race to $1bn. 

We had the chance to pick all the brains you wanted to pick (all in one room this year!), with the likes of Brian Johnson, Stefano Starkel, Liz Adamson and more. 

Listen to the PPC Congress Experts Panel 2019 (partial recording) and check out what you’ll be missing out on at 2020’s PPC Congress (if you do not attend again). But, make sure you do attend the 2020 conference, as it will bring up changes that we are yet to uncover. 

Yes, lots of questions raised around how you should handle PPC, since costs are going up. What is the smart move for your business? All we can say is, PPC is not going away, but the stakes have definitely been raised. 

We’ve tried out the tips and strategies suggested by the experts in our podcast episodes, leaving you with nothing more to do than digest their thoughts and see where they fit within your business. Strategies like how to find blue-ocean products and using native translators when entering new markets. 

On that note, take a look at Amazon’s newly opened market in Singapore, and see if it is worth your time exploring.

One major issue in Amazon is scalability. Is your business model scalable? How do you find the right people for your business? How do you know they are the right people? 

Fortunately, Omer Riaz, CEO of, shared his insights on factors to consider when recruiting.

A word to the wise: keep in mind that whenever you are planning to join an Amazon event, make sure you are in a real one, paneled by experts who have six or seven figures to their names. 

Why is this important? Well, a teacher should not be of a lower calibre than the student!  They can only bring you as far as their achievement has taken them.

Experts should answer your questions outright and not create clickbait where you have to pay more to know more. Real experts share what they know, and do not keep you in the dark. 

The PPC community is committed to sharing our expertise, for free, with those who care to listen. Just bring your pen and paper and listen in as SellerSession launches new instalments, with the industry’s top experts. 

We believe every seller has the potential to make it to five, six, seven figures and beyond. Big dreams with big hearts make the cut!

As part of our commitment to ensuring you have a safe haven against scammers and charlatans within the Amazon community, our SellerPoll has created a trusted list of consultants, service providers, software companies, training courses, events and so on. You can see who topped the poll below.

Til next month! 


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