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Seller Sessions Corner – September 2019

Date: September 03, 2019

Category: Industry news

Read the latest blog in our exclusive series with Seller Sessions, on the latest industry trends for Amazon sellers.Seller Sessions

Amazon Truths: The Reality Behind Your Most Valuable Investment

August has been a month of discovery. We started the month rolling with Michael Hartman’s huge reveal: there is no passive income in Amazon and the truth behind some Amazon courses.

Amazon wizards Angie Chacon, Kian Golzari and Steve Simonson, share what every Amazon seller should know about sourcing and preventing any pitfalls that can end very badly for any seller. Angie shared her expertise on local sourcing while Kian and Steve gave us unparalleled insights into sourcing in China.

Brock Johnson, Liran “never sleeps” Hirschkorn, Anthony Lee (Helium10) and Norm Farrar (AMZ Club) provided strategies and advice on what is really going on with Amazon sales. They answered every starting sellers questions on what are product cycles, how do we recognize dead products and how do we maximize product cycles to our advantage.

Our in-depth sessions with Kevin King, Brock Johnson, and Steve Simonson also provided a bird’s eye view on how different paths lead up to success on Amazon. Everyone’s story is unique and no two stories were the same but all of their stories have parallels: early years, fumbling moments, learnings and successes. Their success did not happen overnight, each one of our guests shared their early years and the things they learned, from partnering with great people, choosing their reality and helping others along the way.

We’ve gathered helpful information on Amazon’s Marketplace Growth Program and how you can leverage them to your benefit. There are a lot of tools out there that can help you get started. You have to understand the costs versus the benefits and be realistic with where you are right now and how much you are willing to give, what sacrifices you are ready to make. August was a month of introspection. Our take on Amazon success is not purely on strategies and tools, we want to lead you to that realisation that “you” are your best tool and your ultimate investment.

To wrap it up - August is a month of discovering your path to achieving the life you want to live through Amazon. There is no one-size fits all methodology to success, you have to find that one path and learn from your fumbling moments.

One final note, we have opened the SellerPoll so you can vote for your favorite trailblazers.Get your voice heard and vote for who you want to win at SellerPoll.

SellerPoll Amazon Awards - Voting is Now Open!

I have been busy working away on the interface to make sure your user experience is a positive one. We have finished building the voting platform and secured sponsorship with cross border payments provider PingPong. We are pleased to partner with PingPong as we feel they share the same values. The funding will support us in our mission to be able to deliver SellerPoll in a user friendly, simple but effective way. In the interest of fairness and transparency PingPong, Seller Sessions the Podcast, Seller Sessions Live, DATAbrill or myself are not eligible to win any of the awards.

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