Revolutionising retail: connecting with consumers using QR codes on your products

Ten steps to connect your products to the digital world.

We are unlocking the future of retail by combining two of the greatest inventions of all time – the barcode and the internet.

Using the Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) already on your product, GS1 Digital Link and a QR code will enable you to connect consumers with digital information that is unique to your product.

This presents a huge opportunity for you to revolutionise your digital agenda, meet your business objectives and drive revenue, all while enhancing consumer experiences.

It’s like transforming every product into its own media channel, giving you the power to connect instantly and directly with their consumers.

Ten steps for getting started

Engage internally with key stakeholders about using a QR code with GS1 Digital Link to drive key business objectives and revenue.

Choose a product or product range where you would like to pilot QR codes with Digital Link. Use the GTINs that are already being used on these products to create the Digital Link.

Identify the information you want to connect your consumers to? This could include promotions, sustainability and recycling information, detailed nutritional information, links to videos, recipe ideas, additional products and new seasonal variants.

Does the digital content exist? For consumers to be connected with the information it will need to be available online – whether on your website, YouTube or on social media. You may also need to create more digital content to support the consumer experience.

Create a space or landing page for the content to live. This should be a location that you own (e.g. your own website, or on a subdomain). If you don’t have the capability to do this in house, we have partners who can support and guide you.

Set up the Digital Link for your product. Add the URL with the GTIN and correct syntax (and other information you require). Click here for more information on how to create a GS1 Digital Link.

Create the QR for your product. Your barcode provider or potentially your printer will be able to help. Just supply them with the Digital Link URL and they will create the QR code for you. Click here for more information on how to generate a QR code.

Test your GS1 powered QR codes. Ensure they go to where you want them to go to by scanning them. We have a barcode review service if you need further support with this. Click here to find out more.

Update packaging design with the GS1 powered QR code and print packaging. QR codes are created as digital files (JPG, EPS or PNG). The file will need to be sent to your designer to be incorporated into your product packaging design.

Now connect with your consumer through your products packaging to drive key business objectives, revenue and improved consumer experiences.

Approved GS1 UK partners

If you need help in implementing the GS1 Digital Link standard, our selection of approved partners are perfectly placed to support you on your journey.

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