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Here you should find everything you need to know about the UK retail industry's single source of trusted data.

However, if you still have unanswered questions, you can always get in touch with us directly by contacting our support team, who are available Monday to Friday from 9:00am until 5:00pm, on 020 7092 3501, or email us on

productDNA HFSS support

All of the support and training for the productDNA HFSS solution and attributes.

productDNA HFSS

Introduction to productDNA

Introduction to productDNA

Introduction to productDNA

Understand the basics of using productDNA in this straightforward tutorial

Product listing creation 

Product listing creation 

This video will take you through the practical steps you need to take to add a product into the productDNA platfom.

Completing the new line form

Completing the new line form

See what you can do to enrich your product data.

Getting the most out of the productDNA platform

How to import data into productDNA

How to import data into productDNA

Learn how to use the import function to add or adjust product data.

Mixed cases

Mixed cases

Understand how to create mixed cases using prefilled display units.

Retailer expected actions

Retailer expected actions

Discover what retailers are expected to do once they have received your product data.

How to use the physical check service

How to use the physical check service

This video will walk you though how to use the physical check service.

GS1 standards

productDNA data model

If you would like help understanding the productDNA data model and how to use it, this e-learn provides information on the key features.

GTIN Management

Does your product need a new GTIN? Not sure?

Package measurement

One of the most common errors in product data is around dimensions. Learn more about eradicating packaging errors from your supply chain.


Hierarchies are used in to represent the different levels of packaging used to store, transport and deliver the end product.

Package measurement

Booking a physical product check

In order to book a physical check please click here to book your slot.

When you have booked a slot for your product to be checked please send it to the address below:

productDNA Checking Service
Nielsen Brandbank
35b Barnard Road

Frequently asked questions

We have created a range of step-by-step training videos to help you make the most out of the productDNA platform.

productDNA is underpinned by a harmonised UK grocery data model. The model contains market facing and retailer specific data for a product, covering new line form data as well as developing the capability for full business-to-consumer (B2C) data sharing. The model is based on consistent standards, guidelines and validation rules to improve data quality and make providing data easier for brands.

The data model excludes information such as cost/price.

For more information on our data model please see our user guide or reach out to your GS1 UK engagement lead.

Each brand or manufacturer receives their own instance of productDNA meaning, when you log into your account you will only see the products you have created in the system.

As a brand or manufacturer, you will also have control over who receives your data. To share data, you must select a recipient, complete the mandatory attribution fields and publish the item in order other users to receive your product data.

Brands are required to complete the data set known as ‘mandatory to list’. It is essentially what is required today to complete new-line forms and is the minimum requirement for retailers to launch a product in store. The data set is harmonised across the UK grocery market and varies slightly across different categories.

As platform has been designed to streamline the new product introduction cycle, brands are unable to share product listings to retailers unless the mandatory to list attributes are completed. Nonetheless, brands can still upload information to the system and create listings, they can save and store until it is complete.

As the platform allows retailers to access and consume the information, it removes the need for brands to input data through multiple portals or new line forms. Retailers simply extract the information from the system which flows to their own downstream systems. However as cost price is excluded, this information will still need to be shared.

If a product change occurs which needs to follow the GTIN allocation rules then a new listing will need to be created. However, if a soft change occurs (which doesn’t need a new GTIN) amendments to that product automatically flow through the system and retailers are notified.

Yes, you can upload both branded and own label products into the platform, as long as the product uses a GTIN.

productDNA can store detailed information including images and e-commerce data. 

Currently retailers are only receiving new-line form data. However, GS1 UK are working with the industry on an e-commerce pilot to ensure productDNA can be used by all for sharing product data and images.  

There are two verification steps in productDNA.

  1. Artwork Check
  2. Physical Check

Artwork Check performs a set of checks across the data entered in the platform against a .pdf copy of the product artwork. It is driven by GS1 global standards and also includes validation checks on the barcode readability. Checks are performed at both the consumer unit level and logistical hierarchy level. As Artwork Check is a mandatory step, brands are unable to share listings to their retailer until it is completed.

The Physical Check is a service where an independent third party verifies the product data in the system against a physical sample of the product. The check covers a defined subset of attributes within the full data model which can be physically verified.

The check will be performed by specifically trained personnel, in a dedicated product checking facility and checks will be performed to GS1 package measurement rules.

The sampling process is simplified since brands only need to send one sample per new product to the productDNA verification centre for quality check, rather than sending multiple samples to different retailers.

You can have as many users licences to productDNA as you wish. However, we recommend keeping the number of users as low as possible for control and audit reasons.  

productDNA freemium is the base level of access to productDNA, which is available to all GS1 UK members as part of your membership. Freemium allows you to create and manage product information, for all products with an allocated GTIN, and share this data with selected “free” channels. 

You will not be able to share product data with retail channels until you have upgraded to productDNA core or business. You can upgrade your productDNA account at any time, by clicking here.

If you sign up for a productDNA freemium account, the cost of this service is  included as part of your annual GS1 UK membership. We will invoice you as usual, using our 90 day payment terms.  

However, if you have a paid account, you will be invoiced annually from the date of sign up, which may be different to when you are invoiced for your GS1 UK membership. You can elected not to continue with the paid version of productDNA when your subscription is up for renewal.

Please get in touch with one of our lovely member support team by emailing or calling +44 (0) 20 7092 3501.

We are available Monday-Friday at 9:00am-5:00pm.