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SellerPoll 2019 winners announced

Date: November 21, 2019

Category: Industry news

Earlier this month Seller Sessions’ Danny McMillian announced the results of the 2019 SellerPoll. 

SellerPoll 2019 winners

The poll was designed to create a safe haven against the scammers and charlatans within the Amazon community, by offering sellers the chance to nominate and vote for their favourite consultants, service providers, software companies, training courses, events and so on. With the results now in, the SellerPoll will act as a verified resource for Amazon sellers looking for support and advice when growing their business.  

The poll consisted of nine categories, ranging from outstanding contribution from an individual to favourite podcast. Sellers were asked to vote via Facebook to ensure all votes were from real people, rather than endorsed by corporate staff. 

As the host and sponsor of the poll, neither Seller Sessions nor PingPong were able to be nominated in any of the categories to ensure the results were fully reflective of the community.

GS1 were delighted to be awarded third place in the service provider category, only being pipped to the top spot by freelancer marketplace, Freeeup and keyword ranking and optimisation company, RankBell. 

Both eBay and Amazon see Global Trade Identification Numbers (GTINs), in product listings, as instrumental to improving the quality of the Amazon catalogue as a whole, which in turn will help deliver a high-quality experience for shoppers. As a result, most categories on Amazon require sellers to provide a GTIN when creating a new product page or matching up existing pages in the Amazon catalogue.

GS1 is the only place to licence GTINs that are truly unique to your product and provide a legitimate link between your brand and products. You can find out more about the importance of authentic GTINs here.