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GS1 General Specifications version 16 now available

Date: January 20, 2016

Category: Industry news

We’re pleased to announce the publication of the GS1 General Specifications version 16.

The GS1 General Specifications is the foundational GS1 standard that defines how identification keys, data attributes and barcodes must be used in business applications.

What’s new in this edition?

  1. Updates to address the work requests we’ve received from our members via the Global Standards Management Process (GSMP)  
  2. A fully revised version of the GLN Allocation Rules
  3. Introduction of the new GS1 branding

Work request updates

  • Clarification of three foundational concepts: GS1 Prefix, GS1 Company Prefix, and GS1 Identification Keys
  • Fully reorganised the GLN application and GLN rules sections (also see the GLN Allocation Rules)
  • Better support for applications that apply GDTI to identify digital files such as images
  • Clearer explanation of the package size constraints that apply to the use of GTIN-8
  • New GS1 Application Identifiers for:
    • Coupon loyalty applications: Loyalty points and Percentage discount
    • Software version, in support of medical devices and other applications
  • Modification of the healthcare Human Readable Interpretation (HRI) decision tree
  • Correction of apertures as applied in barcode verification and other errata fixes

GLN Allocation Rules

The GLN Allocation Rules project addresses the new needs of GLN users as a result of:

  • Growing GLN adoption in new sectors
  • Increasing GLN use in network services
  • Growing importance of the GLN in electronic archives / records

The GLN Allocation Rules have now been fully revised:

  • GTIN Allocation RulesThe new rules are structured based on 4 main usage types (1. Physical locations, 2. Legal entities, 3. Functions, and 4. Digital locations)
  • Each rule is illustrated by a graphic to help users to easily understand the rule

GS1 branding

Version 16 is based on the corporate branding including significant improvements to graphics and tables and consistency with the GS1 glossary.

Read the latest GS1 General Specifications

We’d like to thank all our members and other GS1 Member Organisations for their continuous help and commitment in maintaining the most widely implemented AIDC standards in the world.