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Creating a more prosperous food sector: the National Food Strategy

On 13 June the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) published its long-awaited Food Strategy, setting out a plan to “transform our food system and ensure it is fit for the future.”


Going global with online marketplaces

The impressive growth of Fruugo, an online marketplace that connects brands and consumers from all over the world, highlights the huge overseas opportunities that marketplaces can offer to online sellers.

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Saving time, money, and lives

GS1 UK partner, Genesis Automation, explores how implementing complete traceability in healthcare enhances patient safety and adds measurable value.

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How will HFSS impact online promotion?

With new High in Fat, Sugar, and Salt (HFSS) legislation set to have a dramatic impact on the way brands and retailers promote food and drink, many businesses across the UK are having to re-evaluate the way they do business.

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Healthcare conference roundup

A roundup of the best bits and key messages from the two day GS1 UK Healthcare Conference.


Consumer trust and transparency, enabled by identity

The GS1 Global Forum 2022 recently welcomed Mike Capsambelis, product management lead at Google, onto the plenary stage.

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DAPB0108 for AIDC update

GS1 UK have been working with NHS Digital to update the NHS Information Standard DAPB0108 for AIDC. Here is an overview of what you need to know.

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How the industry is solving the HFSS dilemma

In the latest instalment of our HFSS webinar series, Dan Sands, head of sales, GS1 UK and Lauren Marshall, sales manager, GS1 UK shared insights on how the industry has come together to create a standardised solution for adapting to new legislation.

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How digitalisation can reduce the burden on healthcare staff

How much of a benefit could a digitalised supply chain be for the clinical front line? GHX's James Minard, reviews how digital can be used to the burden on healthcare staff.

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Traceability matters – the vital role of track and tracing in healthcare

Traceability is especially important in clinical settings where failures can pose serious risks to patient safety. GS1 UK's Anne Godfrey, and Ingenica's Steve Saunders, delve into the reasons why.

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