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How to optimise product listings on eBay

eBay seller guide

A checklist for optimised product listings on eBay

So, you have a great product, and you’re ready to list it on eBay. But are you using best practices to optimise your listings to give your products the best chance of being seen by shoppers?

At GS1 UK, our marketplaces team have complied a checklist to help you get the basics right when listing your products for the first time.

Getting the basics right

  1. Create your product title with the most important keywords at the beginning
  2. List items in the correct category and subcategory 
  3. Add product identifiers - brand, GTIN and MPN (if provided)
  4. Complete item specifics using eBay-suggested attributes
  5. Be honest about the condition of your items
  6. Ensure your description is genuinely descriptive

Elevate your listings

  1. Add a mobile-friendly description
  2. Propose a range of postage options
  3. Use square images in a minimum of 1600 pixels wide
  4. Use the multi-variation function where appropriate 
  5. Offer straightforward returns
  6. Check your price is reasonable, but you don't have to be the cheapest

Use promotions to increase visibility and sales

  1. Use eBay's native marketing tools
  2. Use the promoted listings tool
  3. Set up a promotional calendar

Other tips and tricks

  1. Don't be too exact when detailing the item specifics
  2. Only include relevant item information in your product description
  3. Regularly check your products are in the right category
  4. Invest in professional product images
  5. Optimise product titles by putting the most important words first