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Guide to using My Numberbank

Use My Numberbank to create and manage your GS1 numbers and barcodes

If you need help at any stage you’ll find it here, or you can always get in touch with us.

Getting started

Number bank

Adding product information

  • Under the Find numbers header you will see your numbers listed
  • To add a product information click on Use next number

my number bank

  • After clicking on Use next number a pop up will appear. Here you can add the information about the product that you are assigning the GTIN to

my numberbank

  • Fill in all of the fields. When you have filled in all of the fields the Status indicator will change from Red to Green

my numberbank

  • To edit an existing description and product information please click on the number. This will launch a pop-up where you can edit the information associated with that product

Creating barcode images *

  • Click on Create in the barcode column

my numberbank

  • Select the appropriate drop down options (Print method, Mag factor and BWR)
  • Click Download image to create an EPS file which you can save to your PC

Downloading and uploading product information

  • Click on the Download button

my numberbank

  • Open the file in Excel

my numberbank

  • Input the relevant product information into each column 
  • Save as .CSV file
  • Then in the Numberbank, click Upload numbers

my numberbank

  • Click Browse to locate the file and then click Save

my numberbank

  • You will receive email confirmation once processed

Creating GTIN-14s (Outer case identifiers)

  • One you have created a GTIN-13 you will be able to create a GTIN-14
  • Click on the box icon to the right of the number in the GTIN-14 column

my numberbank

  • To add your first description, click on Add to the right of the number

my numberbank

  • Type the description into the box that appears and click Save
  • To edit an existing description click on Edit to the right of the number

my numberbank

  • Please note that the outer case number starting with 9 is reserved for variable measure products

* You have access to three barcode images free of charge as part of your membership. After that they are chargeable. The majority of our members will use a printing company or invest in their own software for the barcode images.