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EDI guidance for new users

gs1_uk_EDI_guidance_new_users_img New to EDI? Confused? Read our guide and it will all make sense

This guide to Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) will help you if you are new to the subject. You’ll gain an understanding of what it’s about and how it can help you trade with your customers or suppliers.

It’s for anyone in business who needs to have an overview of what EDI is and how it can impact upon the business. For commercial, accounts and sales people it gives an insight into an alternative channel of doing business which gives opportunities for improved efficiencies and potential business benefits.

It’s not a technical document but has relevance to technical people by providing that all important understanding of  where technical applications sit within the overall business process.

What’s in it?

The extensive guide covers everything a new user needs:

  • What is EDI
  • Relevance to your business 
  • Benefits 
  • The technical stuff – nothing too detailed but things you ought to know if you’re thinking of implementing EDI
  • Getting started

You’ll also find helpful steps to follow on the road to full EDI implementation.

Read the guide now to understand more (PDF)

Still confused?

We know EDI can be complex so you’ll no doubt need more help. We offer training and we have a network of accredited Industry Partners who know EDI inside out. Or you can contact us directly.