What’s the difference between a barcode from GS1 and others I see online?

You've more than likely seen other websites offering barcodes (GTIN's) at a cheap one-off rate. The problem with these barcodes, are:

  • They've been previously owned by others and essentially their 'DNA' is still associated with these original purchasers of the barcodes
  • Using them will ensure you will be limited to where you can sell your products with the likes of Amazon and major retailers not accepting them
  • When you scan them other product information, other than your own will be shown

The only way to ensure your barcodes are your own, and not pre-brought is to get them from GS1. The added benefits will be:

  • You will be able to use them globally, not just in the UK
  • You will be provided with a minimum of 1,000 barcode numbers
  • You will be able to manage your list of numbers in our login area
  • You will have access to training, webinars and selected events
  • You will be have access to our community partners who will help with your business growth
  • Free support online and over the phone with our support team

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