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Download our report on the real impact of RFID in retail

Together with our partners at ECR Community Shrinkage and On-Shelf Availability Group, we’ve produced an independent report on implementing RFID.

Authored by Professor Adrian Beck from the University of Leicester, the report summarises the key learnings from 10 leading retailers and brands that have invested in RFID technologies. This report is a must read for anyone interested in RFID in retail and covers:

  • Understanding the business context
  • Starting an RFID journey
  • Undertaking a trial
  • Measuring the impact
  • Rolling out the technology
  • Challenges of Integration
  • Loss prevention and RFID
  • Learning lessons
  • Future developments

Download the GS1 UK reportMeasuring the impact


This shorter 12 page report summarises the main takeaways of the research, from the 10 retailers involved in the study.


Download here


Download the ECR white paperRFID in retailing


The report is useful for those who require more in-depth analyse of the research conducted on the impact of RFID in retail.


Download the white paper here