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productDNA: a revolution for retail for all

A single, trusted source of data for all

E-commerce has changed the way we shop. Shoppers want to be more informed about the products they buy, whether they are trying to compare calorie content, find out if a particular product identifies as vegan or understand the environmental impact. Understandably, they become frustrated if data is missing, if it is inconsistent or inaccurate. 

We are on a mission to make the shopper interaction friction free, for all brands and retailers, by providing one language spoken by everyone in retail, for everything in retail. 

productDNA is a single catalogue of high quality, independently verified product data and images that allows brands and retailers to use the same language to describe and share products. The service is owned and governed by the retail industry, and operated on their behalf by GS1 UK.

How it works

  • A single, standardised industry catalogue to store all product data and images
  • All product data is independently audited and verified to ensure accuracy and quality
  • Brands share their product data and images with retailers in a consistent format

The benefits of productDNA

  • A single way of sharing product data and images between brands and retailers
  • Product data is independently verified to ensure it is accurate and consistent
  • Brands own the product data and images with no commercial constraints
  • Retailers have easy access to product data in a way that meets their needs, saving time and money
  • Shoppers can find, compare and buy products – in-store and online – based on complete and accurate information

Visit the productDNA website to find out more

productDNA is a significant milestone for the retail industry. In years to come we will look back on it as the equivalent to the introduction of the barcode in 1974." 


Marcus Dunsmore, vice president integrated supply chain at Mondelez International