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All partners are carefully selected having been examined by us in their chosen area of expertise. They demonstrate a high-level knowledge and understanding of GS1 standards and are committed to maintaining this knowledge.

We also approve specific solutions to ensure they are capable of correctly and consistently supporting applicable GS1 standards.

To find the most suitable partner and/or products, select any of the categories below.

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GS1 UK Partner

C+D Data (UBM UK Ltd)

C+D Data has the UK’s most comprehensive database of products sold in UK pharmacy with over 89,000 products listed. Primary care has been successfully using C+D Data as its single product catalogue service and e-procurement provider for 30 years.

Cambridge App Lab Ltd

Orca Scan's mission is to simplify barcode technology and make it available to all, regardless of company size or budget. They do this by dramatically reducing the time and knowledge required to build and deploy enterprise barcode systems.

Capita Secure Information Solutions Ltd

Our Integra finance management solution comes with over three decades of experience in the healthcare market. We know the NHS and its requirements, which is why Integra can be tailored to provide an efficient, cost effective solution for any trust.

Cobalt Systems Ltd

Described by leading manufacturers as “The Experts” in Print and Apply, our partner approach and commitment to developing solutions around specific customer environments has created a very different way of thinking.

Commerce Connections Ltd

Commerce-Connections was formed as an independent B2B/EDI service provider in 1999 to address the increasing demand for B2B software and services.

Data Interchange Plc

Data Interchange solutions provide critical functionality for integration and data transformation, enabling global organisations to collaborate with their customers, suppliers and partners.

DHL - Life Sciences & Healthcare UK

Providing life-saving products is a big responsibility, one with risks that far outweigh those in a typical supply chain environment. DHL understands the challenges facing life sciences companies. Together, we've created solutions that help you meet today's challenges and anticipate tomorrow’s.

EDI Plus Ltd

EDI plus is a fully managed EDI provider based in the UK and hosted in the cloud.

We are a market leader in EDI services, B2B collaboration, systems integration and value added intelligent applications. 

Emanaged Ltd

Emanaged specialise in end-to-end marketplace consultancy and management services.

Epaccsys Limited

Epaccsys is the most successful and knowledgeable Epicor business partner in the UK. We work collaboratively with clients to deliver trusted, technically innovative, ERP and business management solutions. With a keen interest in the healthcare market; we provide both the IT platform and consultancy expertise to meet the NHS Procurement stratergies and GS1 standards with Epicor ERP 10.

Product Categories
Partner type
Certified solutions