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Transalis Ltd


Transalis was established with the desire to fundamentally improve the ways in which organisations communicate and transact business with suppliers, partners and customers while optimising their existing technology investments. Our unique OpenEDI™ Managed Service solutions were born out of that desire. Delivered digitally via SaaS applications and infrastructure platforms in the cloud. 


Transalis OpenEDI is changing the ways that companies communicate. OpenEDI is used by AS Watson, Argos,, Microsoft, Tetley and thousands more businesses to improve their electronic communication with suppliers and buyers. OpenEDI SaaS Managed Services offer total supply chain electronic enablement whilst optimising existing technology investments and comes with an innovative cost-charging model to eliminate VAN charges. 

OpenEDI integrates multiple EDI documents and standards between multiple networks, systems and trading partners. Existing closed-systems rely on communicating parties agreeing standards, message formats and processes. It is this restriction and complexity, the 'integration nightmare' with high costs that OpenEDI removes. By default, proprietary systems from different vendors fail to integrate efficiently - OpenEDI provides the 'glue', enabling organisations of all sizes, regardless of IT deployed, to communicate electronically seamlessly. OpenEDI lets anyone exchange information electronically with anyone else, regardless of the technology they use. OpenEDI empowers any business, no matter how large, to work electronically with any other, no matter how small, anywhere in the world.

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