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Bizcaps Software


Bizcaps is a leading supplier of GDSN and GS1 compliant Master Data (MDM and PIM), Data Synchronization and Business Process Management (BPM) software and services. 

Bizcaps Software is also the only Australian-based licensed software supplier for the Australian Food and Grocery Council's V6 ePIF Authorised Food Data System (R)


Bizcaps specialises in product (PIM) and master data management (MDM) software, incorporating industry-leading plug-in functionality for simple integration with ERP and industry-specific systems.

Bizcaps TLM Tender Line Manager manages high volume line item tenders and contracts both for buyers and their tendering suppliers. 

Bizcaps MDM solutions DataSync, Enterprise and MCIS provide product data synchronization and master data management for both suppliers and buyers, based on GDSN and GS1 standards, across all industries but with specific industry expertise in healthcare. The integrated Bizcaps BPM Business Process Manager can be rapidly configured to optimise, control and monitor activities such as data enrichment, translations and approvals.

Bizcaps range of solutions support many of the world's leading companies improve and harmonise their internal processes and trade electronically with commercial partners.