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Pagero UK Ltd

Pagero is the most experienced PEPPOL access point in the UK. We are active members of the Open-PEPPOL community and drive better communication standards globally via numerous infrastructures and networks.


Pagero is the best-of-breed cloud based network platform for e-commerce – purchase-to-pay, order-to-cash and logistics-to-pay. A single point of access for real-time interoperability and crystal-clear communication between hospitals and suppliers.


Pagero is scalable and secure. Access our free easy-to-use service today. When your organisation is ready to grow its e-commerce capability, Pagero works seamlessly with your business systems – we even take on the hard work to onboard your customers and suppliers.


Pagero Group has over 200 employees with headquarters in Sweden and offices globally – including in Norway, Denmark, Finland, UK, Ireland, Italy, Turkey, Netherlands, Spain, France, UAE and US.

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  • Procurement efficiency