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Prospitalia h-trak

Prospitalia h-trak (formerly Healthlogistics) provides integrated procedure information that enables NHS hospital trusts to achieve cost savings and process efficiencies.


Using barcoding and mobile data capture technologies, the h-trak system accurately identifies products used in surgical and interventional procedures, to provide a rich source of procedure information. Finance, Clinical and Procurement managers can use the data to review performance, make informed decisions and automate functions, such as purchasing. Since commencement, more than 1.9 million procedures have been captured through the system worldwide.

Prospitalia h-trak is part of the Prospitalia Group, Germany’s leading GPO in the healthcare market, with a purchasing volume of 2.4 billion Euro.

We have been working with the NHS for over ten years, supporting them in creating a more efficient supply chain – and support the NHS’s eProcurement Strategy and its impact on improving patient safety and delivering significant cost reductions.

With a data pool of over 2.5 million items, 1 million of which are barcoded, from over 1400 suppliers, we ensure that hospitals have the right products delivered where and when they are needed, at the right price. 

We believe that the development of supply chain standards for barcoding and data content classification is critical to the practical and effective implementation of eProcurement.  

Specifically our solutions-based portfolio comprises:

  • Comprehensive catalogue and contract management
  • PEPPOL compliant ordering and invoicing
  • Integrated inventory and stock management
  • Procedure level costing
  • Business intelligence and analysis
  • Demand aggregation and collective purchasing

Our solutions align with the Department of Health’s eProcurement Strategy and can support NHS Trusts achieve real and measurable cash-releasing benefits, enabling them to redirect resources to frontline care.

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  • Master data management
  • Procurement efficiency
  • Inventory management
  • Patient safety