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Omnicell Limited

Omnicell is the UK’s leading provider of automated stock control systems for medicines and supplies.


Hospitals hold many weeks, or sometimes months of medication stock and supplies and a lack of automated systems and data for managing the distribution of this throughout hospitals contributes to increased costs, inefficiencies, and risk to patients. In addition, outdated manual counting, reordering and searching for drug cupboard keys consume vast amounts of valuable clinicians’ time. Most importantly, the lack of control, accountability or traceability at the point-of-use puts patients’ lives at risk due to medication errors or availability of stock.

Omnicell offer a range of advanced but simple-to-use inventory and medicines management and dispensing systems that control what is used, reduce stock levels and save valuable staff time. Our systems will provide full patient and procedure costing data which enables the hospital improve patient safety, clinical governance and patient experience.

With a single server and common user interface, Omnicell is the only solution you need for managing medicines and supplies throughout the hospital. 

Benefits of Omnicell include:

  • Consumption savings between 5-15%
  • Stock reduction of 25-60%
  • Increased staff efficiency for materials management and nursing
  • Reduce nurses time preparing and dispensing medicines, releasing more time for patients
  • Immediate identification of stock levels and non-moving stock
  • Avoid product waste, loss, expiry and tracks implants to patients
  • Full audit trail of what has been used, by who and when
  • Electronic and paperless Controlled Drug register
  • Increase patient safety
  • Produces patient costing and comprehensive management information
  • Interfaces with procurement, finance and patient systems
  • Reduce the risk of selection and administration errors
  • Eliminates the use of keys
  • Eliminates ad-hoc orders.

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  • Procurement efficiency
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  • Patient safety
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