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Genesis Automation Ltd

Genesis Automation is a leading provider of enterprise-wide point of care traceability, inventory optimisation and analytics solutions for the healthcare industry. Commissioned by 23 hospitals and rapidly growing, our customers are benefiting from immediate cash savings, improved patient safety and compliance, as well as increased productivity.


Genesis Inventory Management Systems
Adopt Lean Techniques with Genesis for total Inventory & Cost Management
Ideal for Trusts & Health Systems
•Manage multiple Hospitals
•Total cost management for every dept.
•External Warehouses management for Hospitals
•Easy roll-out to new depts. via Genesis Mobile
•Order status tracking
•Goods received acknowledgement
•Patient level costing/BOM

Total Integration
•Links directly to Suppliers for auto replenishment
•Automatic order consolidation with prompt
•Order confirmation & Scheduled Orders
•Cost Centre & Transfer point Management
•Call-off orders

Total Security
•Entire system resides on Hospital’s Server
•Data encrypted & mirrored to Genesis Cloud

Total Mobility
•Solution PC or hand held computer based
•“Genesis Mobile” used in every dept. and every Hospital in the Trust/Health System
•Business Intelligence available on mobile devices for real time business analysis

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Inventory Management


  • Asset management
  • Automated goods receipt
  • Barcode creation software
  • Inventory management
  • Patient safety