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Genesis Automation Ltd

Innovative solutions for the healthcare industry


Genesis Inventory Management Systems
Adopt Lean Techniques with Genesis for total Inventory & Cost Management
Ideal for Trusts & Health Systems
•Manage multiple Hospitals
•Total cost management for every dept.
•External Warehouses management for Hospitals
•Easy roll-out to new depts. via Genesis Mobile
•Order status tracking
•Goods received acknowledgement
•Patient level costing/BOM

Total Integration
•Links directly to Suppliers for auto replenishment
•Automatic order consolidation with prompt
•Order confirmation & Scheduled Orders
•Cost Centre & Transfer point Management
•Call-off orders

Total Security
•Entire system resides on Hospital’s Server
•Data encrypted & mirrored to Genesis Cloud

Total Mobility
•Solution PC or hand held computer based
•“Genesis Mobile” used in every dept. and every Hospital in the Trust/Health System
•Business Intelligence available on mobile devices for real time business analysis

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