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Start working with QVC UK 

Date: June 15, 2021

Author: Guest author

Do you want to start working with one of the world's largest multi-platform retailers? Introducing QVC...

Get to know us

QVC, Inc is one of the world's largest multi-platform retailers, spanning North America, Asia and Europe. We provide an unmatched brand experience, working to surprise and delight the millions of customers who shop with us, through our outstanding selection of products and brands, and award-winning customer service.

At QVC we offer a different way to shop, bringing products to life through people and their stories. Every day we strive to exceed the expectations of everyone we touch by delivering the joy of discovery through the power of relationships. 

As part of Qurate Retail Group we believe in a Third Way to Shop® beyond traditional brick and mortar stores for customers who crave engaging shopping experiences. 

Why work with QVC 

At QVC we create a multi-platform experience for our customers, bringing products and brands to life through people and stories. If your product solves a problem or makes everyday life a little easier, we’d love to find out more. From broadcasting, to digital, to social media, we offer you the tools to build relationships with millions of shoppers across the country.

We provide vendors with the unique opportunity to share their stories with millions of shoppers through our multiplatform network of broadcast, online, mobile and social channels. 

Our customers are affluent, educated and digitally savvy. We are uncompromising and know no bounds in discovering and developing the exceptional products and stories that not only drive the success of our business but engage our customers and positively impact their lives. 

Relationships are at the heart of our success. Over the last 25-plus years, we’ve enjoyed long-term partnerships with numerous vendors, often helping them grow from budding entrepreneurs to  flourishing, well-known brands. And we’re passionate about discovering new brands, forging new  partnerships, and working together to build both of our businesses.

Providing correct and authentic GTINs for your products is a requirement when working with QVC UK. The provision of a GTIN is incredibly important as they support a number of business processes currently and are a critical part of our roadmap for the future. We recommend our vendors become members of GS1 as our go-to partner for vendors that need to purchase GTINs."



Is my brand/product right for QVC?

A product is right for QVC when it meets the following criteria for success:

  • Can it be demonstrated through live or produced content on our platforms?
  • Does it fill a space in our current product assortment?
  • Does it solve a problem or make life easier? 
  • Does it appeal to a broad audience?
  • Is the product new, revolutionary, innovative and unique?
  • Does the product have a great story of discovery or entrepreneurialism? 

What types of product are QVC Looking for?

If you’ve got a great product, we want to know! Our products span a diverse range of categories, including: apparel, accessories, footwear, jewellery, beauty, home décor, home innovations, health and fitness, electronics and culinary.

Within these categories, we look to offer our customers unique products or stories that are making their debut on QVC. This exclusivity gives the products we feature an inherent compelling angle that we can bring to life through storytelling across our multiplatform network.