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Nine ways that CIOs think standards can improve the NHS

Date: December 06, 2019

Category: Industry news

GS1 UK’s healthcare team are on a countrywide tour, speaking to the chief information officers and chief clinical information officers of NHS trusts and CCGs, to discover how standards are helping to improve the way their organisations work.

On 9 October, chief information officers and chief clinical information officers from ten NHS trusts and CCGs in the North East, joined our GS1 UK healthcare team for our inaugural regional roundtable.

The session, sponsored by Zebra, brought senior information officers together to discuss the value of point-of-care scanning and how GS1 standards can shape the NHS for the better. 

For those that attended, there were nine key points that stood out – here are their highlights to take away:

1.    Point-of-care scanning is key

2.    Traceability is of the utmost importance

3.    Supply chains must be real-time accessible
4.    There can be no success without collaboration
5.    Enhanced care needs transferrable tech 

6.    Barriers to change need to be identified and tackled 

7.    Traceability thrives on compliance and vice versa

8.    NHSX is integral to the bigger picture  

9.    Future scope – it’s not about chipping patients 

The executive summary will be coming soon followed by the highlights from the next in the series which took place in East of England on 21 November.