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Spotlight on Commerce Connections Ltd

Date: January 29, 2019

Category: Industry news

We are fortunate to work with a wide range of accredited partners, with a shared commitment to using GS1 standards

And, as the number of SMEs joining our community grows, it’s vital for us to connect them with trusted, long-term partners.

In our SME ‘spotlight on’ Q&A, Commerce Connections Ltd talk about why SMEs are so important to them.

Tell us a bit about your company

We are a privately owned, UK Based, B2B eCommerce business that specialises in Data Integration.

With 20 years of experience using different solutions, from SaaS to managed services and IOT, we have a loyal and well established client following.

Having developed our own Web based EDI (Electric Data Interchange) service, WebForms, we have supported hundreds of SMEs to be able to trade with the likes of AMAZON, Boots, TESCO, John Lewis, Sainburys , etc. using EDI.

How can your company help small and medium sized businesses?

Our entry level EDI service starts at only £150 + VAT and has no hidden extras. All it needs is an internet connection.

What makes you unique compared to your competitors?

Many business charging models for EDI work on the basis of if you don’t use your monthly data, you lose it! Our business model is annual, and if someone does well and uses up all their data they can upgrade and access more data as their business grows. It’s an organic model.

If your business has a sales surge and uses up the data allowance chosen, there is a choice. Either you can upgrade to the next tier because it fits your business model for future growth, or clear the arrears at 23p per message.

Compare this to other businesses, that will charge £1.50 per message in arrears, shows how competitive we are when it comes to costs, and how much we understand the fine margins that our SMEs have to work with.

What are your business plans for the next 12 months?

To continue to deliver scalable, competitively priced EDI B2B solutions to the UK market.

What top tip/piece of advice would you give an SME?

Think ahead about your business systems so that EDI is possible. Find a good EDI business partner that will offer tailored solutions to meet your needs. One thing we come across time and again is businesses that have invested in systems that are not EDI friendly and will not manage all the message types that EDI requires especially the ASN (Advanced Shipping Note) and SSCC labels.

As the supply chain gets ever more automated, making sure that data flows freely between manufacturing, warehousing, logistics and ERP systems, is an absolute necessity. Data integration is not optional if a business is going to compete and grow in a challenging market place, either online or in store.

How can SMEs get in touch with you?

Through our main business number 0845 127 9955.

Or visit the Commerce Connections page via our partner finder.


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