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GS1 UK Supervisory Board appoints first ever NHS Trust Chief Executive

Date: December 06, 2017

Category: Industry news

Gavin BoyleGS1 UK recently welcomed the appointment of Gavin Boyle, Chief Executive of Derby Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (Derby Teaching Hospitals) to its Supervisory Board

Not only is this a high-profile gain for GS1 UK but it is the first-time a chief executive of an NHS Trust has joined our Supervisory Board.

Gavin and his team have been pioneers of the Scan4Safety programme, which thanks to funding from the Department of Health, has seen Derby Teaching Hospitals successfully adopt GS1 and PEPPOL standards.

One of six demonstrator sites, Derby Teaching Hospitals first became involved in the Scan4Safety programme in 2014 and since those early days has implemented GS1 standards in all 35 surgical theatres, cath Lab and radiology suites and endoscopy.

And in a relatively short amount of time, there have been substantial benefits when it has come to improving patient safety, enhancing clinical effectiveness and driving operational efficiencies.

Derby Teaching Hospitals has been able to capture vital data on more than 110,000 patient procedures, with 52,000 captured in the last year. In surgical procedures alone, the efficiencies have saved Derby Teaching Hospitals around £1.2m in 2016/17 and it is expected that a further £3m will be saved in 2017/18.

The Supervisory Board is responsible for the governance of GS1 UK and determines the organisation’s strategy, annual operating plan and budget.

With more than 25 years’ experience working in the NHS, Gavin will bring with him considerable healthcare expertise that will substantially benefit our Supervisory Board and wider efforts to have more healthcare providers and suppliers adopt GS1 standards – all in the name of helping to save thousands of lives and millions of pounds.

I’m delighted to be the first NHS chief executive to join GS1 UK’s Supervisory Board. I’m excited by the opportunity this technology gives us to change the way we work across the NHS.

Gavin Boyle, Chief Executive at Derby Teaching Hospitals

“By adopting barcodes we can improve patient safety, reduce unwarranted clinical variation and produce substantial savings. We’re leading the way at Derby Teaching Hospitals and I am keen to help other NHS organisations see the real benefits that come from adopting GS1 standards in healthcare.”

Jim Spittle, Chairman of GS1 UK, said: “The NHS is under increasing pressure to make efficiency savings, while improving patient safety. GS1’s standards in healthcare are one of many important measures to improve efficiencies in the NHS but to really drive home the benefits right across the board and usher in substantial changes, we need to demonstrate success.

“Gavin has been one of the pioneers of the Scan4Safety programme and it is his vision and passion to implement GS1 standards in healthcare that we believe will be a vital asset in our ongoing mission to help save thousands of lives and millions of pounds.”


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