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Starting your journey with GS1 standards in healthcare

Date: March 03, 2015

Category: Industry news

Our discovery programme supports NHS Trusts in deploying GS1 standards in healthcare.

The Department of Health has mandated the use of GS1 standards throughout the NHS Acute Trusts in England.

We will assess your Trust’s systems and processes and present back an understanding of how the Department of Health’s strategy impacts the Trust and what steps are required in the adoption of GS1 standards.

The discovery programme is designed to support the development of the Trust adoption plan. We will look, at a high level, across your Trust at both clinical and non-clinical systems and processes, including the impact on relevant third parties (for example, suppliers and service providers such as laboratory services).

The output of our assessment will be a summary of the Trust’s current compliance of GS1 standards and a roadmap to support the Trust in assisting a Board approved implementation plan.

GS1 standards are helping the NHS to provide a safer, compliant and more efficient healthcare service"

Glen Hodgson, Head of Healthcare, GS1 UK

To book a consultation, or for more information, please contact our healthcare team:

T 0808 172 8390 or 020 7092 3512