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Brexit transition: thoughts of an SME nation

We are an SME nation, yet the voice of small business is often drowned out in times of disruption

We are currently living through two once-in-a-lifetime events, in the form of the coronavirus pandemic and Brexit, and we wanted our members to be heard as we rapidly approach the end of the crucial UK-EU transition period.

We conducted a survey on issues from the perceived impact of Brexit, to the clarity of Government guidance and whether companies have changed their minds on exporting to Europe altogether, and some of the results were alarming.

Key highlights from the report include:



One quarter of all respondents thought Government guidance was totally unclear.


Time is running out

45 per cent of business owners were still figuring out their future plans just weeks away from the transition period’s end.



One in three businesses are rethinking their plans to export to the EU after the transition period ends.

The way 2020 has panned out will mean that the final days of Brexit will always be viewed through the prism of the coronavirus pandemic, but while the end is in sight for Covid-19’s effects, our members tell us that the uncertainty of our future trading relationship with the European Union could be just as deadly for their businesses.