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GS1 UK Healthcare Conference 2015 examines current & future progress of the Department of Health’s eProcurement strategy

London & Loughborough, 9-10 June - GS1 UK today kicks-off its annual two-day healthcare conference, with a focus this year on the progress and impact of the Department of Health’s eProcurement strategy, just over a year after it was published.

After GS1 standards were mandated for use throughout the NHS via the eProcurement strategy, this conference will play a vital role in communicating its latest developments, current stage of implementation and true value to the NHS to healthcare leaders from around the UK.

Speakers from the Department of Health and leading NHS Trusts will also be demonstrating how GS1 standards are helping the NHS save thousands of lives and millions of pounds, with the addition of hands-on, interactive workshops to show how Trusts are already gaining value from the implementation of GS1 standards.

Glen Hodgson, Head of Healthcare at GS1 UK, commented: “We are delighted so many key industry people are attending our annual healthcare conference – from the Department of Health, NHS Trusts, suppliers and leading solution and application providers. It is vital for everyone in the industry to work together so that the true benefits from the eProcurement strategy can be delivered - ultimately saving lives and money from the implementation of GS1 standards.”

GS1 standards have become even more integral to the NHS since the publication of the Personalised Health and Care 2020 framework, and presenters at the conference will explore how GS1 standards will help Trusts to join the dots, providing seamless healthcare provision centered on patient needs, both inside and outside the hospital setting, and how Trusts can retain patient value outside the hospital setting.

Speakers include:

  • The Rt Hon Lord Philip Hunt PC OBE
  • John Warrington, Deputy Director of Procurement Policy & Research, Department of Health
  • Steve Graham, Procurement, Investment & Commercial Division, Department of Health
  • Paul Rice, Head of Technology Strategy, NHS England
  • Nishan Sunthares, Chief Operating Officer, ABHI
  • Chris Wood, Chairman, Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
  • Duncan Eaton, Chairman, GS1 UK Healthcare Advisory Board, past CEO NHS PASA
  • Ashley Brooks, NHS National Patient Champion, NHS
  • Sam Sherrington, Head of Stakeholder and Cultural Transformation, NHS England



About GS1 UK

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