Seller Sessions Corner – March 2019

Read this second blog in our exclusive series with Seller Sessions on the latest industry trends for Amazon sellers.

Seller Sessions

This month Danny McMillan talks about building seller’s capabilities in growth, either with off-Amazon traffic or expanding into brick and mortar.

Getting your Amazon products into retail stores

We speak with Kian Golzari specifically on when an Amazon seller should feel they are ready to enter the retail game with the big boys and what specific criteria should they consider before entering the fray.

It’s not an easy ask, for an online retailer to go off-line. The truth is, there’s an awful lot to it and whilst Amazon feel like it has many moving parts, there’s a lot more to consider and some pretty significant impacts along the way.

Kian also has had great success with licensing and shares his experiences and the value that finding the right licensor and product market fit, can bring to your business. Having had experience with the Olympics and the NBA, Kian gives a rich insight into the benefits and strategies on-line sellers can consider.

Negotiating with big retailers is also a hot topic with many a trick that the big boys deploy and take advantage of just through their sheer size and dominance. Getting their attention, and keeping it, to make this work through the negotiations and close the deal is an art in itself.

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Setting up Facebook ads for launching products

On the education side this week, we have a couple of episodes that draw on the expertise of Paul Harvey and his amazing experience in building huge conversion metrics, leveraging chat bot flows and Facebook messenger.

The setup of your Facebook ad is the all-important entry point for a lot of buyers to reach you product and ultimately make that all important purchase. The journey from the ad is a long and perilous one for any seller, as the buyer has many ways to fall off along the way.

A key component is the setup and quality of the Ad itself and this episode really delves into optimising the setup of the ad and its anatomy. We go into the power of the imagery, and how important it is. The copywriting needs to be less complex and short and why that’s the important aspect in certain forms of marketing.

The exact sequence and layout of the wording can have a major impact on the reader and the type of audience you are targeting with your ad. Along with the use of non-written communication like the emojis.

We also shed light on the reverse psychology aspects to help in converting buyers and increasing sales from your ads. Without over promising on delivery; solid well used tactics that when aligned well, give great results.

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Setting up landing pages for launching products

Finally, our episode on landing pages brings old school marketing and new modern tactics for the on-line seller crashing together. The sales approach for a $60k vehicle compared to an Amazon product are compared. We ask the basic question around why. Understand why you’re using a tool before you deploy it to increase its success.

The landing page has its own anatomy opened up and we explore each and every component. The old print terminology of ‘above the fold’ is examined to ensure you’re making the greatest use of buyer’s attention and focus in your landing page copy with tactics to suit.

We talk tools and not only for the big sellers with lots of launches a year but those with 2-4 a year also. Giving sustainable small-scale tools as well as the large subscription-based approaches.

The importance of design is a key aspect in everything we see today. Building trust through design is a major factor for buyers to be willing to purchase your product and buy into your brand.

We break the myths of the ‘long-form’ landing page and share when it’s good to use and what works better for on-line sellers to better meet the needs of their product type and of their audience.

We finish with the modern use of chatbots and their amazing 80% open rate putting old-school emails and their 20% open rates in the shade. The concept of conversation is a different mindset to the traditional copywriting marketing. Mastering it gives your buyers a richer and more natural engagement with your brand than we as sellers have been able to achieve before.

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Look out for Danny's update in next month.

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